Company Assessment & Diagnosis

Service Scope

With performance appraisal, we focus on your company or internal resources and processes in your project. We implement the Situation Analysis, Evaluate and Compare steps of the Improvement Office approach.







During our studies, we examine your business or project and identify innovation and development points in internal processes. We compile our report by adding alternative scenarios for solving the findings of new applications and project ideas as a result of our investigations. We detect potential gains. We distinguish and report the gains according to different criteria such as short-long term, temporary solution-permanent solution-innovative solution. We provide all necessary tools for the implementation of the gains with internal and external resource allocation.

Major Milestones & Deliverables

  • Business Process Analysis / Project-Oriented Research and Analysis
  • Select Performance Evaluation Metrics
  • Performance Evaluation Method
  • Performance Analysis
  • Potential Improvements Report
  • Project Ideation and Possible Solution & Business Partner Lists
  • Partner Interviews and Returns
Philosophy of Service Approach: Be Open, Share, Suggest

Project Management

Project Phases Time Distribution

Project Management Phase Details

It is the process of officially launching the project. The project executives should start to get to know each other closely, so the key word for this step (phase) is ‘openness’. Contract details, methods to be used, end products and expected results should be listed. In addition, project time table, financial details and effort distribution should be discussed and clarified. All the criteria set jointly by the parties are entered into the contract and added to the Project Charter. In all studies, the confidentiality agreement is added mutually. The basic input required for this process is “Start-up Decision“ and the main output is “ Project Charter“ .
Expectations and targets are examined in the planning process. It should be noted that at the beginning of this stage all the data related to the project is gathered together. Within this scope, all data sources that may contribute to the measurement of success in line with the objectives should be included in the review. Time is very valuable in this stage, so data depth, collection methods and their arrangement and analysis time tables should be created. The main input of the planning process is the project charter, and the main output is the project plan.
The process of implementation of the plan. In short, this is the process of analyzing the results of the analysis of the data collected in the previous stage. The work list defined in the project plan is completed.
It is a process starting from the beginning of the project and continuing until the project closes. The processes are controlled according to the decided performance monitoring criteria in phase 2.
It is the process of acceptance and termination. In other words, it includes the stages of the project completion and preparation of the project closing report. It may have created new ideas on both sides during the project or may have identified additional problems. Therefore, at this stage, additional studies may come up and the contract can be extended, renewed and renewed.

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Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.
Bill Gates
You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.