360° Ticketing Solution

Goal / Target

Ticketing solution for global event, entertainment, sports and cinema sector. Cloud-based – multi-channel, multi-channel, expandable horizontally and vertically (with e-receipt, e-archive, v-pos, OKC integration) event, performance, product, campaign creation, management and online or point-of-sale platform. a.k.a. Mobilet Mobilet aims to offer uninterrupted social exploration, planning and purchasing experience, real-time integration and participation for event organizers, organizers, artists and brands.

Team Structure

Project Committee, Project Leader, Product Manager, Project Manager, User Experience Designer, Business Process Analyst, Creative agency, Development Agency, Application Development agency,


Project started with Waterfall project management model. As we proceed with the changes in technical requirements and expansion of teams in different areas required us to start using a mix of agile, scrum and waterfall methods in parallel. The design, infrastructure and front end development have progressed at the same time synchronously. After going live in -9 months of back-end development and 6 months of UI and ios, android development – platform development have continued with back-end service integrations, screen mergers, new features and platform optimizations. Mobilet developed with MVP (Minimum Viable Product) logic and it had tremendous hidden features. Additionally, with its flexible structure and dynamic team , mobilet as a ticketing solution has already started its own innovative adaptation mechanisms.

The platform mainly operates on an event management solution – Backstage – a cloud based platform. This cloud based super flexible management platform feeds different users with different services and funtions.
While ensuring product and availability to the end user, the platform ensures that the event owner and venue owner has still have the controls on the products for any changes or cancellations. Aside from all, gates, access points, kiosks and point-of-sale station users can access to many functions as well as instant product purchase sale with online payment and billing services.

As a 360 degree ticketing solution, Mobilet is able to support large number of users with its cloud-based infrastructure. Additionally, by providing various other supporting event services Mobilet is the next generation ticketing platform and marketplace.

Processes and Outputs

  • Project Plan
  • Situational Analysis
  • Needs Assessment
  • Business Plan and Income Model
  • Detecting User Spots – User Journey
  • Concept and Fiction Design
  • Process and User Experience Design
  • Design and Customization
  • Integration, Process, Infrastructure planning
  • Service Software Development
  • Service Integration
  • Design Interface Development and Customization
  • Infrastructure Setup, Monitoring and Management
  • Testing and Updating Software
  • Operation Editing
  • Business Process Editing
  • Software Development

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Project Time & Budget


2017 - 22 weeks