Multi Domain & Channel CRM Platform – Cloud

Goal / Target

Cloud-based membership campaign, point and money management system for a multi-brand, multi-sub company with sales and publishing points – Development, services, interface integrations, authorizations, KVKK (GDPR) compliant membership and confidentiality agreements, interface adaptations , data processing flows, reporting and data transfer policies.

The membership system enables end users to manage their data with different events, organizations, applications and institutions separately under a single account. Members can also view and manage channel-based communication permissions and contracts from a single account. a.k.a. Pozitif Plus

Team Structure

Project Manager, Business Process Analyst, Development Agency


Waterfall method was suitable for the size and complexity of the project. Following team planning needs analysis completed. Outside integrations and architectural structure were decided. CRM system integrations, campaign engine (structure and scenarios) were designed. In the center of the system, member information, account states and transactions are placed. Other campaigns, products, members and relationships between these elements and descriptions are positioned around the main application. All functions can be controlled from the management panel within authorized different types of administrations. Collected data is delivered to the multi-channel master CRM system, which can be processed instantaneously. Micros cash systems, Zubizu spending points and Pozitif App’s are integrated to the system.

Processes and Outputs

  • Project Plan
  • Needs Assessment
  • Loyalty Models Planning
  • Analysis and System Services Structure Design
  • Defining User Roles
  • Function List
  • Role – Authorization Matrix
  • Integration, Process, Infrastructure planning
  • Service Development
  • Service Integration
  • Interface Design Development and Customization
  • Infrastructure Setup, Deployment, Configuration, Monitoring and Management
  • Testing and Updating Services
  • Operational Management Structure & Flow Plan

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Project Time & Budget


2015 - 50 weeks