Digital Office & Workflow Management Platform

Goal / Target

A digital platform that enables the in-house project workflow processes to be carried out online. The platform where all document and management approval processes can be made online, budget creation, expenditure and invoice entries can be made and monitored. a.k.a. Pozitif Yoda

Team Structure

Project Committee, Project Leader, Project Manager, User Experience Designer, Business Process Analyst, Creative agency, Development Agency, Application Development Agency


The project started with analysis and department needs list studies. Workflows, organizational chart, budget / product structure were added to the fiction. Following the interface and modular request determination, the analysis and development are divided into the main modules and the project is divided into the development modules in phases later. The analysis has progressed as development, testing, minor problem solving and addition or completion.

Processes and Outputs

  • Project Plan
  • Needs Assessment
  • Development Team Plan
  • Application development
  • Integration, Process, Infrastructure planning
  • Test
  • Find cleanup /li>
  • Training and documentation
  • Live retrieval and operational support
  • Reporting – Microsoft Power BI Integration
  • Bug fix detection support

Our development suggestion?
Go Global!

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Project Time & Budget


2017 - 26 weeks