Event, Venue, Ticket, Content Management Platform

Goal / Target

Within the company’s strategic business plan and requirements, all marketplace software and their infrastructures that are available (for festival, gaming, entertainment, sports and cinema sectors) were evaluated but no complete solution / product was found to meet the criteria. The project committee has decided to develop an innovative, end-to-end control platform with an infrastructure to meet its needs. a.k.a. Positive Backstage

The platform operates on the capacity to process instant data in a multi-tiered structure on Microsoft Azure PAAS. It also has a powerful data processing flow and reporting interface. Horizontal and vertically expandable platform can be multi-channel and multi-point based on company basis. With this capability, the application can control price, campaign, stock, availability and status on a location / terminal level. All features of the platform are powered with roles, authorizations and flows. Digital ticket creation (stock, registration, cancellation, return, e-ticketing, e-archive, invoicing, virtual POS, Physical POS integration), digital ticket management or on-site sales are available on the platform as standard features. Online support, installation, infrastructure and infrastructure support are among the services. This platform meets all the needs of all the entertainment industry players and gives the signals that they will serve many users in the future from the first days of their establishment.

Team Structure

Project Team, Project Leader, Product Manager, Project Manager, System Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Data Analysis Leader, Software Leader, Analysis Leader, Data Analysis Development Team, Software Development Team, Business Process Analyst, Analysis Team, Test Automation Team, Quality Support Audit Advisor, Interface Development Team, User Experience Designer, Test Team, Development Support Team, System and Application Team, Infrastructure Support Team


The project started with Waterfall, and as we proceed, we switched it to an agile, scrum, waterfall mix, because of expanding needs and variety of the development teams. The phases of design, infrastructure and front-end development have proceeded synched and in parallel. After going live, development continued with service mergers and optimizations after the project had gone live. Developed with MVP (Minimum Viable Product) rationale, the platform is built with continuous development model.
In the core the system runs on a complex event management system. This system feeds different users with different services. While ensuring product and availability to the end user, the system also ensures that the platform users still have defined the controls over the products. Gates and point-of-sale users reaches product availability, status, info and with online payment and billing integrations system users even can complete payment and send bills instantly .

This platform with a 360 degree ticketing solution editor – a.k.a. Backstage – provides its users the ability to offer, sell, and receive different services, products, and services in any location. Additionally, the platform, includes multi-tenant, multi-channel, infinite sub-channel / sales points, gates and near real time reporting features which gives all the flexibility to event makers. The platform on the other hand can handle all the load with its Microsoft Azure cloud based infrastructure.

Processes and Outputs

  • Project Plan
  • Project Gantt Chart
  • Team and Development Resource Plan
  • Budget and Prioritization
  • Risk Analysis
  • Needs Assessment
  • ConceptDesign
  • Process and User Experience Design
  • Design and Customization
  • Platform Architectural Design, Integration, Process, Infrastructure planning
  • Backend Service Development
  • Service Integration
  • Interface Design, Development and Integration
  • Infrastructure Setup, Monitoring and Management
  • Testing and Bug Reporting
  • Application Support / Operations Planning
  • Business Process Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Development Roadmap – Business Needs Prioritization
  • Error Reporting and Resolution Tracking
  • System Monitoring, Infrastructure Support Planning
  • Test Automation
  • Load and Security Tests
  • Reporting and Strategic Planning

Our development suggestion?
Wrap up and Go Global!

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Project Time & Budget


2016 - 144+ weeks